Bible Journaling Tips

Bible Journaling Tip #5

I have seen so many bookmarks to use in Bibles and they are so nice, but some are too expensive, so I decided to create my own.  I bought all the material you see at Dollar Tree, and its real simple to put together. These are going to use for Valentine and Easter.



Bible Journaling Tip #4

Since using the Inspire Bible by Tyndale I have discovered some of their pre designed to be helpful but some to not be what I want to use, so what I like to do is take a blank piece of paper and cut to size then use tape or stick glue and cover up the area and there you have a “clean slat” to create your own design.


Bible Journaling Tip #3

I loved the preprinted section provided in the InspireBible for Habakkuk 3:19 but the deer I didn’t feel was strong enough, so I found a deer drawing on the internet and traced it on the page, making it more bold and stronger.  I then painted over the deer already on the page with flowers and there you go- hidden.


Bible Journaling Tip#2

Adding clipart to your bible journaling is a good way to not draw, paint, or color on a book or page that you want to read later.  Its also good if you are not a good drawer (like myself).  One of the adds I did was for the book of Ruth.  I found two clipart’s I wanted to use to the page and on the other side feature the pre-printed text along with a little drawing.  I really love the story of Ruth its a must read for every woman and men.  Check out my youtube page for the video version. Its always best to use tape so you can lift the clipart to see the tape and not glue.

Bible Journaling Tip #1

Adding a page to your Bible. Just take any sheet of paper or notepad. Trim to size fold the page slightly, then apply the page with either scotch tape or glue stick.  There you go, an extra page for your Bible to add a design or notes.


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