Book of James

“ …faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.”

James 2:17 (NLT Parallel Study Bible) Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.14.36 PM

So it takes more than FAITH to be committed to change in your life. Let me tell you, I know that for sure, my journey was based on FAITH but others of myself had to change to make me the persona I am today.

The book of James provides that need to change I choice three that stands out:

  • Stop looking down on others
  • Anyone can falter, don’t judge
  • Everyone is on a different journey- don’t criticize choices

We must learn to be committed to our FAITH and show ourselves in accordance with our FAITH and not be a sometimer. We need to look at ourselves in the mirror not the outer and see if we are living our lives to what we proclaim.

Yes we are all a work in progress but the question would be when does the work truly begin and what steps must we begin to follow our journey.

I will be looking at the five chapters of James in upcoming biblejournaling and the concepts they teach for us to follow our FAITH.

Disclaimer:  The blog is my own personal interpretation from reading the Bible.  I am not a minister only a person who is learning the Bible and absorbing the word. 


Been a while !

Hello, everyone its been a long time I know.  Well I’m in the process of making changes to my current blog (planning & money to factor) so I have only been posting to my Instagram account.  I’m still bible journaling but other ideas are flowing my mind and I’m trying to figure out a way to make that part of my blog.  So just stay with me the best is yet to come.

Change is a good thing just taking the next step to make the change occur is hard.  Even after everything I’ve gone through its still a hard task but I’m working on getting better. So know I’m not gone just in blog transition mood.

Be Blessed !!!

Choices: Orpah & Ruth

The choices we make on a daily bases can be the determining factor that sets us on the path to our future. Many of us are given the opportunity to take the road less travel but instead to stay or return to what we know. That is what happened with Orpah.

Orpah married Chilion, son of Elimelech and Naomi. Ruth who was Orpah sister-in-law by marriage to Chilion brother Mahlon, all three women lost their spouses. So Naomi decided to returned to her own counIMG_8558try, and urged her daughter-in-laws to return to theirs. By both being Moab women they had learn the way of God but in Orpah she may not have fully embrace the life. This maybe the reason Orpah chose to return to her own people and not follow Naomi as Ruth did.

Ruth was more engaging and open to understanding the relationship of God, so her choice of following Naomi lead to the path of Ruth being the great-grandmother of King David.

So because of the choices Ruth passed her test, but did Orpah failed? Orpah choice was for the rich and prosperous Moab she knew and not the battle of dealing with individuals she knew did not like

Moabites and the unknown life of struggle, she choice the path known instead of the path less taken.

But after she made her choice she vanishes from the pages of our Bible and into a place we have no ideal and where her journey landed we have yet to know.

So remember choices are tough in life we can stay safe and do what we know or take a risk and have the faith that God will lead us and we will end on the right side. Choices are a leap of FAITH.

Disclaimer:  The blog is my own personal interpretation from reading the Bible.  I am not a minister only a person who is learning the Bible and absorbing the word. 

Daniel – Endure

The book written by its name sake is a time when Daniel was in Babylon. While in the city he was given the name Belteshazzar to help him be more relatable in his new home away from Israel. Daniel had foreseen many trials coming to his home land. The book of Daniel was in the old but gave sight into the future and what lay ahead for his people back in Israel. IMG_7440This story adds to my own personal life of feeling trapped in a place unfamiliar away from home and feeling alone, but knowing this is a journey I must follow and God has not left me nor forsaken me. I must keep working with God no matter what I face or how hard it seems I must persevere with endurance not knowing what lies ahead or allow me to get me down. Endure no matter.

Disclaimer:  The blog is my own personal interpretation from reading the Bible.  I am not a minister only a person who is learning the Bible and absorbing the word. 


This has been a trying year – first massive headaches, tooth removed, more money going out than coming in, & now a retest for my mammogram. What’s next? 

TEST of life comes along better known as – Trails & Tribulations which are a part of life if you don’t like test then why live? It’s life. I have met people who say I want the PERFECT life with no problems? 😏 again Why? I want a challenge I want obstacles because it shows our Lord how much we put our faith in him. I don’t want to live in a Box. I want the walls to fall down and say “Bring it on!” Love the TEST live the challenge it’s not a punishment it’s the Test of Faith & our Lord letting you know He’s got you. 

Esther- BRAVE

Esther, born Hadassah, is the eponymous heroine of the Book of Esther. Esther was a Jews queen of the Persian King Ahasuerus. Ahasuerus was identified with Xerxes I.IMG_6893

In Persian the name of Esther mean, “STAR”, which refers to the planet Venus.

The story of Esther takes place in the Persian Empire when Ahasuerus (XerxesI) was the ruler. Esther was from the tribe of Benjamin, her families were among the Jews who chose not to return to the trek back to Judah.

The King is upset that his Queen, Vashti refused to come when called so he removed her. He met a beautiful Jewish girl name
Hadassah, she received praise from all who met her. So the King selected her to become his Queen and made her name Esther.

Mordecai, Esther’s cousin, convinced her not to reveal her Jewish identity, because Jews were still looked at as suspicious people. So she kept the secret to herself. At that time a plot was set to kill the King so Mordeca
i informed Esther so she could warn the King. The identities of the men were revealed and they were hanged.

Now enter Haman, who was second in command of the Persian Empire behind the King, was not only evil but also arrogant. Haman expected everyone to bow to him but Mordecai would not, this angered Haman.

He wanted the Jews dealt with and Mordecai warned Esther. Mordecai stated to Esther she must let the King know, but Esther feared for her own safety, but she wouldn’t allow risked her life for her people. At a banquet E
sther revealed the plot to kill her and the Jewish people and name Haman, the king was upset and full of anger, he had to walk out of the area to regain his poise. When he returned he requested Haman be hanged for his plot.

Esther story is incredible. Here is a woman who was willing to risk her own life to save her people knowing she would possibly be killed. She put others needs ahead of her own. She was truly BRAVE. The main aspect to remember was trying to protect your true identity from others only hurt. But accepting your TRUE self is not only BRAVE but that the TRUTH shall set you free and you are FREE indeed.


Disclaimer:  The blog is my own personal interpretation from reading the Bible.  I am not a minister only a person who is learning the Bible and absorbing the word. 

Book of Lamentations

First the word has a meaning of expression of passion or grief.

Lamentations begin “How lonely sits the city”, Jeremiah was walking through the streets and back alleys of Jerusalem and saw nothing but suffering and pain. The IMG_6792book looks at how a person (Jeremiah) is unsure how there is so much suffering, death, and children begging but in the midst of this this was the judgment of God upon the city of Jerusalem but faith always appeared: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentation 3: 22-24

I think of this even in the midst of darkness you must be able to see light (which is hard) and know the suffering will not last. Like myself I was in hope of being in my new city and then darkness felt on me, I became homeless and lost hope and wanted to return back home but that would be easy, so I looked for the light.
But I kept my FAITH– believed in HOPE, knew God LOVE me, and VICTORY would be mine.

“ The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.” Lamentations 3:25-26

Disclaimer:  The blog is my own personal interpretation from reading the Bible.  I am not a minister only a person who is learning the Bible and absorbing the word.