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“Be patient, then brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming.” (James 5:7 NIV)

Easier said than to do- believe me it’s something I work at every single day. During my time of being homeless, I lost patience every day. I questioned God, cursed, and yelled. I was pissed that I was going through this situation. All I ever wanted was to live a good life and be happy. Again that’s what I wanted but God wants more.

IMG_1340Patience is suffering, we all must go through the flame to get to the other side. The blessed are those who “PERSEVERED”. We all saw Job and all that hew went through, but he persevered also with much and much patience and look what God brought about. Our God is full of compassion and mercy but we must be patient and pray.

Yes it’s hard to see others get all their heart desires but we are only seeing the outside. We don’t know what struggles they have gone through in life or how long the process of patience took them. Whether you are in trouble or happy stay in prayer and while in prayer be truthful and full of love in your heart. For what is for you no man can take, God again knows what he has for us. Slow and steady with patience will succeed every time.

Disclaimer:  The blog is my own personal interpretation from reading the Bible.  I am not a minister only a person who is learning the Bible and absorbing the word. 




Perseverance – Book of James

Yes it’s that word again which I’ve spoken about previously and now it’s the topic for the first chapter of the Book of James.  It’s a constant reminder to never give up always strive even when the road seem long – DON’T STOP.


Which brings me to – Chapter one of James. This chapter speaks

of rejoicing when you have trials and tribulations and when your wisdom

is lack ask in faith without doubt. Tribulations make you stronger so keep pushing. Yes its hard cause you want to give up but during this slow pace you continue the race. The chapter interpretation on Perseverance reminds me of a story the tortoise and the hare.

The hare felt he was unbeatable at anything he bragged all the time. He also bragged that the tortoise couldn’t beat him because he was slow and was no threat to him. So the hare challenged the tortoise to a race and the tortoise accepted. Remember when you try to take someone down you could be the one going down.

The hare felt confident in himself so much he stops during the race and falls asleep. While the hare sleeps the tortoise continues onward ve

ry slowly but without stopping and he wins the race.

When someone boasts about winning or being better than others – worry. As the chapter states “..so also will the rich man fade away in the midst of his pursuits.” (James 1:11b, ESV).

Well that’s what happens, moral to the lesson; you can be successful by doing things slowly than acting careless and cocky. Just stay in you lane and don’t try to rush things, perseverance will get you to the finish line.

Disclaimer:  The blog is my own personal interpretation from reading the Bible.  I am not a minister only a person who is learning the Bible and absorbing the word. 

Perseverance- Journey come full Circle

The first meaning of PERSEVERANCE–  steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. So what is the second meaning? – not giving up being persistence and starting something until the end no matter the difficulty.

So the last phase of journey of life is something I face everyday. It’s difficult to stay focus and to complete a task- (such as blog/writing) it can seem so hard and your mind begin to wander so you can’t think of ideas of where to begin. It gets discouraging but I know I must keep striving- I can’t stop now even if it seems so far away so I keep going despite it all. You would ask what keeps me striving well its FAITH.Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.39.29 AM

Yes that’s right I’m back to the beginning of the journey the word that lead me on this path. The reason I said FAITH is because  despite my doubts, and low moments- I knew through it all God had never failed me. Without it I would not be at the coming of age and discovering who I am in this journey.

So Faith is a need for PERSEVERANCE, but its only effective when we depend on God and know what his son Jesus Christ did on the cross. For me there are no doubts on this second journey- I must stay the line I knew better before and I better know now.  I will not turn away.

So PERSEVERANCE is a daily part of our life and a constant to keep striving despite how it looks and no matter the STORM that comes our way, keep the FAITH and strive  forward.

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
― Winston S. Churchill

4P’s for a New Journey

4 P’s for a New Journey

The last phase of the puzzle will focus on what I call the “4P’s for a New Journey”

Patient, Passion, Positive, and Perseverance-these pieces are the steps towards a new “you” as the next journey of a better “you” is developScreen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.02.26 PMing once you have gone through the STORM becoming anew is important part of the journey.

We last read about INSPIRE and how  inspiring others is a positive approach you never know who your story will help. So prepare for the “4Ps” and an inspiring journey to a better you for a beautiful future.